The alluring smell overwhelms the senses and the mouth waters in anticipation well before reaching the edge of the cup.

Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee direct from the roaster.

From our home base in Albany, Western Australia, we import and roast the finest coffee from around the world.

The Naked Bean is fuelled by a passion for excellence, a love of great coffee and a desire to share the secrets of making a superior cuppa.

What began as a tiny operation in the corner of a café in 2001 is now a dedicated roasting outfit producing consistently great coffee. Our enhanced roasting techniques and distinctive coffee making practices distinguish us as leaders in the world of boutique coffee.

We've searched the world's finest coffee producing countries for the best quality beans. From Papua New Guinea to East Timor, Ethiopia to Kenya, Mexico to Brazil, we now source the finest beans to create our extensive range of single origin coffees.

Our shop is open from 7.30am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. We stop serving all beverages at 4.30pm each day.